Wilmington District Lay Servant Academy
Fall 2017 Lay Servant Classes

The Wilmington District Lay Servant Academy is excited to offer several new courses this year. We hope you will seize upon this opportunity to engage in the courses that will be presented. We strive each year to introduce at least a couple of new courses with knowledgeable instructors to lead them. Please pray about which course you feel the Holy Spirit is directing you to take. Apply early, and be on record so the correct amount of materials will be provided for each class.

We will be offering classes at Aldersgate United Methodist Church again this year, thanks to the welcoming hospitality of Pastor Chris Pennington, and at Elkton United Methodist Church, thanks to the welcoming hospitality of Pastor Karen Bunnell.

Please be sure to fill out your application form completely. This information is very important in keeping our records up to date. Your correct phone numbers and E-mail addresses are especially helpful if we need to contact you with
important information. Also be sure to indicate a second choice, a course which you would attend in the event we don't have enough people register for any particular course. We do not notify folks about course assignment until the night of the class registration at the church. If a course is canceled for lack of interest, and you have not indicated a second choice, we will call you to see if you wish to attend a different class. Filling in the form with a second choice helps us and saves the time needed by the registrar to call individuals. It is our expectation, that you will be good stewards of the amount of time you have to register.

We ask that you please have your forms and payment submitted to our registrar by September 15th, 2017. This will help our instructors to know how many individuals to expect so they will be prepared with any additional materials they may wish to provide each class member.

Check in at the registration desk when you arrive the first night of your classes. The desk will be open beginning at 6:30 P.M.

Remember, you do not have to be a Lay Servant, or even wish to be certified in order to take any of these courses. All classes are open to anyone who wishes to enlarge their understanding of any of the subjects offered. If you are a Lay Servant and you know of someone who might enjoy taking one of these courses, please offer them a copy of the information and have them send it to our registrar, Sally Welch.

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