Wilmington District Lay Servant Academy
Spring 2018 Lay Servant Classes

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

The Wilmington District is offering a Spring Lay Servant Academy session again this year. The District Board of Lay Ministries hopes you will seize upon this opportunity to participate in a Lay Servant course. The Lay Servant Academy is one of the most significant lay leadership development and discipleship programs available within the United Methodist connection. Through this system of equipping and empowering, Lay Servants have the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who go on to make other disciples with the goal of transforming our world!

Thanks to the welcoming hospitality of Pastor Chris Pennington and the congregation at Aldersgate, we are offering Tuesday evening classes at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Additionally, on Thursday evenings, we are offering classes at Elkton United Methodist Church, centrally located in the Wilmington District, thanks again to the hospitality of Pastor Karen Bunnell and the congregation at Elkton.

On the Wilmington District – Lay Servant Academy website [Wilmington District - Lay Servant Academy] you will find a brief description of each course offered and the link to the online registration form. Please review the information and complete the online registration with your payment submitted to our registrar by March 31, 2018. This helps our instructors and the Lay Academy team to prepare any additional resources and materials ensuring an adequate supply for each Lay Academy participant.

Please review the course selections and pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction. Apply early to help us prepare by ordering an accurate number of books and supplies for each class. This Spring, the Lay Servant Academy Registration will be competed online: Lay Academy Registration - Spring 2018

Please fill out your online registration form completely. This information is very important in keeping our records up to date. Your correct phone numbers and email address are especially helpful if we have need to contact you with important information. Also, for advanced courses, indicate a second-choice course to attend in the unlikely event we need to cancel a particular advanced course.

The Lay Servant Academy is open to all with a desire to learn, participants do not have to be Methodist, a Lay Servant, or wish to become certified to take any of these courses. All classes are open to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of any of the subjects offered and engage with other disciples of Jesus Christ. If you know of someone who might enjoy taking one of these courses, please forward them a copy of this information and have them complete the online registration.

The Lay Academy starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:30 PM for five weeks. On the first night, check in at the registration desk by 6:45 PM to obtain your book and any additional materials. The registration desk opens beginning at 6:30 PM the first night of classes. After registration some brief instructions will be shared with the entire group, prior to going to your individual classes.

We sincerely hope to see you at the Lay Academy this Spring!
Yours in Christ,
Ivan Turner, Jr.
Director, Lay Servant Academy Wilmington District

Hal Barker
Director, Lay Servant Ministries, Peninsula-Delaware Conference

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